An android app for both teachers and students. “MY STUDY BUDDY” is a complete study package for students and a complete support package for teachers. Students get options to read e-book on the go, perform live tests and check score, keep track of their performance and much more. Fun filled and colourful activities for kindergarten kids to keep them engaged and enhance their analytical skills. Drawing and painting application provides options to draw and paint on a blank canvas and also fill pre saved images with beautiful colours. Option to save your drawings in the gallery allows you to share your creativity with others. Very much similar to the desktop drawing and painting applications and thus allows you to explore your creativity on the mobiles. Exclusive options for teachers allows them to generate tests for students and get them on their registered e mails for taking printouts. Teachers also get access to a help book for all the subjects and all classes.

Book learning complemented with digital learning is the need of the hour and MY STUDY BUDDY perfectly fulfills the requirement. Downloading and installation of the app is simple as it can be directly downloaded from the Android Play Store. So, just download the app and embark onto your interesting journey of exploration combined with learning.

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New users register as student or teacher.
Note: Teacher's need to get username and password from brainmate so as to register.

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Access the navigation drawer to add further access codes, view history, view/edit profile, change password etc.

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