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Books for Kindergarten kids is the latest addition to our catalogue. Being a children book publishers we always focus to develop content which is both informative as well as interesting to read for the children. Colourful illustrations, a nice mix of activities, emphasis on visual learning by including more and more pictures and a lot more make these books an ideal read for the children stepping into early years of education.
Our children books not only come loaded with colorful illustrations and activities instead they provide children a fun filled experience which help kids learn new things in a friendly and enjoyable manner.

    Key Features

  • Complete web support for each class that is Nursery, LKG and UKG
  • Activity based and collaborative learning as per the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework
  • Ample of practice material and exercises on each topic.
  • Focus on letter formation and hand writing skills. Step by step letter writing explained cursive writing books.
  • Exercises developed in a manner which encourages students to speak and identify new objects in their day to day activities thereby developing their cognitive skills.

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