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Engaging and informative videos for students of all classes and for all subjects. Complement your learning at home with easy to understand educational videos by experienced teachers, subject experts and academicians. Books are an important source of learning, together complemented with explanatory and educational videos simplifies the learning process and strengthens the understanding.

Promote your own videos

Class 12th

Promote your own videos

Visual aids such as animated videos, educational videos by teachers or subject experts always aid in learning. That is why we at BRAINMATE took this initiative to bring various subject experts, academicians, teachers on our platform and expand their reach. These are the people who were busy teaching their designated classes with complete dedication and devotion without realizing that the lectures recorded by them can help so many. These videos for students of different backgrounds will be of great help to the students who do not have proper access to the study material. So, now here they are with their in depth explanations, demystifying each and every concept in a simple and straight forward language.

You also can get your videos uploaded here and reach out to a wide set of audience as our digital marketing team works endlessly to promote the website. To do so you just have to contact us once and we will take care of everything else.

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