Privacy Policy

My Study Buddy is an android app for school teachers and students provided by BRAINMATE educational publishers as a support material along with their books.

The app provides access to content such as flip books, test generator for teachers, teacher support manual and live tests and activities. Through this app we intend to provide our users and books readers an updated on the go content with the facility to test their skills, read flip books of the corresponding book recommended by the school.

Information we ask for  

For school teachers only basic information such name, school name, email id and phone number is collected. For students the basic information such as name, school name and class is collected.

What we do with this information

This information is collected so as to grant access of the appropriate book concerning the particular subject and class to the corresponding teacher and student. Every book for a particular subject and class carries a unique access code which is to be entered at the time of account creation. After validating the access the interested users are authorized to use contents of the particular book

Information we share

None of the information collected is shared with any third party vendors. This information is purely collected for the purpose of validation and is not used for any data sharing or lead generation process. The information collected is not used for any marketing and promotional activity and will solely be retained by the app provider.