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.Com is the latest addition to our already long list of computer books. The series comes with a whole new look and feel with a number of additions. It is one of the latest and the most updated series present in the market right now. This series is based on latest version of windows i.e WINDOWS 10 and thoroughly covers MS OFFICE 2016 applications. The books are entirely based on the latest C.B.S.E guidelines and focus more on activity and PROJECT BASED LEARNING. Like our other series the .Com series also contains the highlighting chapters that is Dreamweaver,Tux Paint, Scratch 1.4, Ergonomics, Desktop Publishing, Macromedia Flash and much more. Keeping in mind the pattern of N.C.E.R.T books, the text has been kept very straightforward and explained in a simple manner. The matter has been supplemented with lots of images and examples to develop better understanding. All chapters contain some interesting but related information in the form of Brain Boosters. The exercises are divided into three sections testing the children on their theoretical knowledge, their analytical skills and their practical skills.

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    Salient features of the present series of books

  • Each chapter is equipped with an exclusive Fun Zone and Lab Session.
  • An interesting idea of Extra Feed has been introduced to put forth catchy and knowledgeable computer facts at the end of each chapter.
  • The present series is extensively based on Windows 10 and MS Office 2016.
  • Projects involving group activities and individual research are introduced at the end of each book to comply with CBSE latest pattern i.e. Project based Learning.
  • Fun Zone consists of activities in the form of puzzles, discussion topics, identifying and colouring activities, etc.
  • Lab Session consists of activities to be performed in lab. This gives the students hands on and practical experience of what they have learned in the chapter.
  • Sufficient number of questions to test the knowledge of students.
  • Activities in the middle of the chapter have been introduced in classes 6th to 8th to test the analytical and reasoning skills of the students.
  • Complete web support with unique access codes for books of each class.
  • Practice questions for Olympiad have been given at the end of each book.
  • New chapters such as Tux Paint, Ergonomics, Scratch 1.4, Dreamweaver, etc have been covered in detail.
  • Paint 3D a new drawing and painting application introduced by Microsoft along with Windows 10 has been introduced for the first time in school books. This chapter has been thoroughly covered in class 7th. All the features have been explained in step by step fashion along with real images.
  • Ergonomics is the science for designing the workspace for maximum comfort and efficiency of people. This chapter is a must read for anyone taking up computers as career. It is been covered in appropriate detail along with pictures in class 8th.
  • Dreamweaver is a GUI based web designing and development software. It scores over HTML as there is no need to write the code. All options such as drawing a table, inserting a checkbox, inserting a drop down menu, etc can be accessed directly using a command.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 express edition is a GUI based application development software. Its unique feature is its integrated development environment (IDE). It has been covered in appropriate detail in class 8th.

Salient features of the present series of books

  • Complete web support with all the books with different options for teachers and students.
  • Revised and updated content in books each and every year.
  • Books written by eminent and experienced academicians.
  • Ample number of diagrams, images, graphs and illustrations to complement and better explain the matter.
  • Activity based exercises to test the students on their cognitive and scholastic skills.

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