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E Book or Printed Book What is better for young children

Technology is all around us and affects all aspects of our daily routine. So, much so that it has deeply penetrated into our education system as well. Laptops or tabs are being introduced into the school education system. It is good students should be aware of the latest technologies their usage, advantages and disadvantages.

Performing live practice tests, searching for information on the internet, preparing projects, etc requires the use of computer and internet but the issue concerning the parents these days is E-BOOKS OR PRINTED BOOKS.

Let's explore it one by one

Advantages of E books

1- Development of early literacy and vocal skills is seen in children reading good quality E-Books that include features like

  • A dictionary
  • A good narration of the story
  • Pictures, games and interactive quizzes that help explain the story
  • 2- Children can enjoy e-books independently which may encourage children to choose e-book over other forms of entertainment more often than otherwise, they would.

    3- E-books are convenient and accessible since they can be downloaded on computers, mobiles and tabs and can be carried anywhere.

    4. Children books in the form of e-content like 2D or 3D animation demonstrating a certain concept is good for the better understanding of the children. Children do not need separate access to it as it is mostly a part of the smart classroom programs of schools these days.

    Disadvantages of e-books

    1- Considering the time children these days spend in front of different forms of HD screens giving them more reasons to stress their eyes at such a young age definitely raises eyebrows.

    2- It is not easy to give away expensive devices such as tab, laptops to children alone to read an e-book.

    3- E-books are still good when reading a story but when it comes to CBSE school books understanding of concepts becomes much less by just listening to an e-book

    4- Studies have shown that parents interact less when a child is reading an e-book not providing him necessary explanations or moral of the story which at times leads to wrong interpretation of the story by the child.

    5- Children at times begin to communicate less while reading more and more e-books as they develop a habit of listening to a story every time and there's no discussion of any sort.

    Different researchers have reached upon different conclusions on whether an e-book improves upon child's skills or not but what most researchers have agreed upon is that ebook should not be used as a replacement of textbooks especially school books. An e-book like in the form of a flipbook can be used as a need-based substitute of a school book as you are saved from the hassle of carrying your school book everywhere. Research too has proven that better understanding of the concept comes from reading the matter on your own which can be further be elaborated using video or animated demonstrations.

    A good quality e-book of a popular story having interactive features like games and quizzes can serve as a good gift to children but can be used in addition to traditional paper books.


    E-books should not be used as a replacement of printed Textbooks especially school and college books.
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